Meet Ingenico Moby M70

A Flexible and Adaptable Solution. Moby M70 is a powerful cloud-based point-of-sale solution combined with a versatile payment experience.


Innovation at
its best.
Seize the future.


Technology changes all the time. We get it! With our new rental program, have the freedom to update towards newer solutions as you see fit. With this program expect:

› Low monthly fees
› Competitive equipment pricing*
› First rate service. If it breaks, send it back,
and we will take care of replacements.**


Menu Management. Simplify your menu with modifiers and variations. Use bundles to automatically group combinations or sets of products.

Discounts. Create happy hour discounts. Setup advanced. BOGO discounts to offer deals.

Table & Position Management. Setup a floor plan with multiple rooms. Split shared items and pay easily.

Order Management. Assign courses and dispatch tickets to multiple printers. Approve and track voids. Manage orders across multiple devices in real-time.

Online Ordering. Build a free mobile site with one click. Reach new customers and capture additional revenue.

Inventory Management. Scan barcodes when products arrive and add to inventory. Create barcodes and print labels on any printer.

Sales & Discounts. Create automatic discounts for specific times. Setup advanced BOGO promotional deals.

Product Variations. Track inventory by size, color, style, etc. Create combinations by set price, cost, and quantity.

Customer Management. Track customer records by visits and spend. Use house accounts for customers to pay a deposit or run a tab.


Meet Ingenico Moby M70 – A Flexible and Adaptable Solution

Integrated Paypoint. Customizable, expandable, and ability to access the tools you need – Moby M70 is made for each stage of your business.

All payments, accepted all the time. You offer your customers the products and services they love; don’t forget to let them pay the way they like.

A complete wireless payment solution. The device lets you accept payment anywhere, with the security and convenience you should expect in your payment solution.

Plug and play. The Moby M70 comes with built-in compatibility for dozens of peripherals so you can get up and running, hassle-free.

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